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CB Visuals are a video production company based in the West Midlands, UK

"Having the ability to use such high quality music across all of my projects is extremely beneficial to me.

It allows me to put all of my focus into the visual side of things as I know I'll never have to worry about copyright"


Aura Esports logo Transparent.png

Aura Esports is one of the UK's professional esports organisation, specialising in CSGO, Rainbow Six: Siege and Brawlhalla.

"Steanside helps our creators by allowing them to make creative content without the fear of copyright strikes.

Aura's content has levelled up because of it, and our creators content feels more alive and they feel free to do what they love."

Meltdown Logo Transparent.png

Meltdown is a bar dedicated to electronic gamers, with consoles to play and eSports on the big screen.

"We worked together with the team at Steanside for their launch party - they were a pleasure to work with and created a real buzz in our venue!

We will be working together on more events and also plan on using the system for our media content in the future"

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