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Stallion is a professional content creator/musical influencer based out of the East Midlands in the United Kingdom. After 4 years of live streaming and building up his own self employed business,

Stallion has excelled in skills such as community management, content creation, social media and more. He's continued to expand into new practices including lecturing E-Sports at the University of Northampton. He's also gained partnerships with the some of the most dominant names in gaming including ASUS ROG & Gamers Advantage.

Over 4 years Stallion has built a total following of over 350K across platforms including Tiktok, Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and more. Stallion focuses on an upbeat atmosphere in his streams with a core focus on community engagement. You can usually find him playing FPS/Shooter games.

Now venturing into music, Stallion is expanding his talents into djing/production. He's working in partnership with Steven Dean producing music for a DMCA free music player and company called Steanside which is owned by the individuals.

Steven Dean aka 'DEAN' is a music producer and DJ from the heart of the West Midlands, He first started dabbling in music back in 2008 when he heard a local pirate radio station and fell in love with the underground sound he was hearing. Little did DEAN know that within a year, he had his own show on 'Said radio station' and quickly became one of the most popular figures on the roster.

Fast forward a few years, DEAN had honed his talents as a music producer and had started releasing on record labels and had fast started making moves within the bassline scene around the UK. fast forward again to March 2020, lockdown,

DEAN started producing content for his online platforms like he had never done before, showing his personality as much as his music productions, gaining him a following and a reputation for being himself, humble, funny, and down-to-earth thus starting the full movement of the project 'DEAN' with releases record on labels such as Four40 Records, YosH, YoshPit, Renkie, DEAN is a known figure in the uk bass scene with support from BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 1xtra, Flex FM and Addicted to Bass DEAN's personality is known more than ever.

Now venturing into twitch gaming, DEAN is working with the well-known content creator and streamer Stallion producing music for a DMCA free music player and company called Steanside which is owned by both individuals.

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I'm Dean and I'm a Music Producer, DJ & Content Creator from the West Midlands. I'm Stallion a full-time Content Creator, Musical Influencer, and Lecturer from the East Midlands.

This is why we made Steanside, Steanside is a LTD company offering services in Music Production, Tailored Adverts, Bespoke Content Creation, and much more. Steanside was created with the vision of the user in mind, our end goal is to allow the consumer to use our music freely on all projects and content.

Why Steanside? We've been creating content for years, and have never found the right balance of accessible upbeat and copyright-free music. We found the music was either expensive, unclear on takedown laws, or just didn't fit the vibe we wanted to put across. Without breaking the bank we are bringing you top-quality productions that will elevate your content or business projects to their maximum potential.

DMCA laws have riddled the music space causing concern for copyright strikes and takedowns. We will provide upbeat, catchy music with peace of mind that your content is safe. We will never strike your content.

No Copyright. No Problem.

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